Pet Therapy

Make positive health changes in the lives of your pets with remote animal therapy from The Cornell Centre. Pets take on the stress of their owners, which is why I am passionate about helping to identify any emotional and physical stresses that may be affecting their well-being. Based in Chelmsford, Essex, the clinic offers distance pet therapy remotely to clients and their pets all over the world.

finding an answer 

This scientific method enables you to find a answer for any physical or emotional stresses your pet may be experiencing. By gently examining the physiology and mental health of an animal, I am able to determine its stress levels and determine their health status. Whether you are passing on your own stress or putting your pet under some kind of dietary stress, the clinic will then deliver a full report, advising you on an appropriate course of treatment or lifestyle change. You do not need to bring your pet or animal into the clinic all of this is done with "distance consultation/treatment”