The following is an interview that Susie had with the Editor of CAM Magazine in July 2009. It was their cover story and has received a lot of subsequent interest and attention.

Pathways Magazine-the Susie Cornell Column.

MS: The Candida Connection

Susie Cornell got pilloried when she became the UK's first advocate of exercise for people with multiple sclerosis. 35 years on and she's at it again - this time challenging orthodoxy with her findings that up to 90% of the symptoms associated with MS may actually be due to Candida overgrowth. CAM Editor Simon Martin caught up with her.

Susie Cornell was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1974. She defied conventional prognoses back then and is still doing so. In 1992, as editor of Here's Health, I presented her with that magazine's Achievement Award. She was then the only person in Britain advocating that people with MS should be exercising strenuously. Forced to defend her corner after the resulting publicity brought her condemnation from doctors, physios, and MS specialists, she threw herself into research and study.

Now 35 years after her original diagnosis, she is an MBE, is Deputy Lieutenant of Essex, is a highly successful practitioner specialising in chronic fatigue as well as MS - and is still advocating measures that orthodox medicine - and the big MS charities - just don't want to know about.

In the last couple of years, she's come to realise that many MS sufferers need urgent treatment both for Candida overgrowth and for thyroid and adrenal imbalances.

Case History

MS client treated for candida, adrenal/thyroid support/ immune support

"I am 28 and was diagnosed with MS at the end of 2007. As you can probably imagine, this news was quite a shock and I had a whole mixture of feelings from disbelief to confusion and fear. I now feel very differently. Susie has set me off on a journey that I could never have imagined.

I first found out about Susie quite randomly through a friend of a friend's mother! I clung onto this contact as a hope that I could actually do something to help myself, after reaching quite a dead end with conventional medicine.

I first went to see Susie in January ('08) with my fiancée. I have to say, we both left the session completely bamboozled - it blew our minds, we didn't understand it, and we were honestly very sceptical! However, I started on the programme of detox and support using the various supplements. It was a drastic change in my diet, and the supplements were plenty and expensive. It was extremely tough to stick with, but the most important factor for me was to have the support of my fiancée. Once I had his support, after an initial period when neither of us was really sure, this made a massive difference to me.

I have noticed a gradual,slow, improvement in my various MS symptoms. Most of all though, I have never felt so well in myself. Everyone tells me how healthy I look, and I feel healthy! I have had an MS relapse after first seeing Susie and following her advised program; however, I have surprised my neurologist at how quickly I have recovered myself, without the need for any drugs. She doesn't promise to 'cure' you, just build your body strong so that everything is in balance to help you lead a full and healthy life.

At first, I really wasn't convinced, but now, I never look back. I choose to follow this programme because it makes me feel good and positive about my life. It has opened my eyes, to a whole new world of great people - I have learned so much. By following it, I feel that I am giving myself the best possible chance to live a full life in the way that I want. I don't want my old life back, this is me now, and I am learning to love the new me!"

Susie adds: "This client is now married and has a baby".