Prevention Is The Cure

Natural Health Consultations

We help people with “difficult to treat health conditions”. Our unique “bioresonance”program offers “natural health consultations and treatment” we can help busy

mums, children, stressed executives and people who find it difficult to travel.

Health Conditions

Professional Natural Health Specialists are available to assist with any difficult to treat health conditions. Clients can come to the clinic or alternatively choose to have a "distance health consultation. The clinic offers various consultations to ensure all

patients are taken care of.


If your body needs a rebalance, make sure you sign up for my bioresonance programme. Using state-of-the-art technology, this procedure improves many conditions, including multiple sclerosis and candida.

Food Intolerances

Don't suffer from the conditions that are caused by candida any longer. From fatigue to infections, these symptoms are eminently treatable by the specialists at my clinic.

Emotionalmental health

For peace of mind about a range of health conditions ,book a consultation  with an experienced health specialist, to determine the reason behind your symptoms.

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