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With an experienced team of natural health specialists available, The Cornell Centre provides consultations for a wide range of medical conditions. These include:

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  • Complete Health Scan Using E-Lybra Bioresonance Technology

  • General Health Overview

  • Food Intolerance Test

  • Vitamin and Mineral Balance Test

  • Thyroid and Adrenal Assessment

  • Scan for Virus, Fungus, and Chemicals

  • Discussing Emotional, Psychological, and Individual Issues

Distance Consultations

In addition to standard clinic consultations, the clinic also provides distance consultations. These are ideal for a variety of needs, including:

Distance Consultations

  • Pets

  • Individuals with Busy Schedules

  • People Who Have Difficulty Travelling

  • Those Living in Different Parts of the Country

Consultation Costs

Prices vary depending on what consultation you require, how long for, and how often. These include:

Consultation Costs

  • Pet Consultations - £35

  • Children's Appointments - £35

  • E-Pebble/Pendant - £17

  • Appointments - £35 (½ Hour)

  • General Health Consultation - £85 (1½ Hours)

  • Follow Up Consultation Every 3/4 Months - £68 (1 Hour)

  • Multiple Sclerosis Health Consultation - £83(1½ hours)

  • Monthly Rebalancing Programme - £35 (½ Hour)

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