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Prices vary depending on what consultation you require, how long for, and how often. Distance/remote consultations are the same price as coming into the clinic.-These include:

Book a Consultation in Chelmsford, Essex

  • Complete Health Scan Using E-Lybra Bioresonance Technology

  • General Health Overview

  • Food Intolerance Test

  • Vitamin and Mineral Balance Test

  • Thyroid and Adrenal Assessment

  • Scan for Virus, Fungus, and Chemicals

  • Discussing Emotional, Psychological, and Individual Issues

Distance Consultations

In addition to standard clinic consultations, the clinic also provides distance consultations. These are ideal for a variety of needs, including:

Distance Consultations

  • Pets

  • Individuals with Busy Schedules

  • People Who Have Difficulty Travelling

  • Those Living in Different Parts of the Country

Consultation Costs

These Prices vary, depending on what consultation you require, how long for, and how often.
Consultation Costs

The initial General Health Consultation including emotions/food sensitivities/general health

- £89 (1½ Hours) with a written report analysis. You can either come into the clinic personally or a
“distance consultations” this would be at the same price, they are equally accurate.

The “E-pendant” - £20

- This is (optional) but highly recommended. You can make this choice on the day of the appointment. However, the E pendant will carry your treatment for three months and can be recharged if you have a “distance consultations” or if you bring it with you into the clinic on your next appointment

Follow Up Consultation- Every 3/4 Months or even after one month - £79

- After initial assessment, this is recommended to ‘fine tune’ your programme as your symptoms change. (1 Hour), coming into the clinic or from “distance consultations”-they are both equally powerful and the same cost.

Half hour appointment - £54

- After the first general health consultation when we have all of your details you can then opt for a Half an hour appointment-this is for a specific area for ample- stress, may be job interviews or exam, grief, or just a general “pick me up”. This will be emailed with a written report analysis.

Overnight balancing & E pendant Recharge - £44

- After the first general health consultation we have all your details you can then opt for an Overnight rebalancing programme (especially helpful for job interviews, meetings social engagements, weddings) that you may feel will give you stress (no report given just rebalancing treatment).

Children’s Appointments - £55

- (aged 14 and below) It is highly recommended that children do a “distance consultations” but they can still come in the clinic if required.

Pet health/emotion consultation - £55

-pets do not come in the clinic it is all done from “distance consultations”.

Any supplements recommended at the consultation can be obtained from Our dispensary @ The Cornell Centre on the day. These are not included in the consultation costs and they are additional.